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Provider News

Utilizing Telehealth to Improve Patient Access

Health Partners Plans (HPP) encourages all providers to utilize telehealth when appropriate to improve and expand patient access to care. We want to narrow the gap for members to utilize telehealth services.


  • The lack of universal access to technology. Unfortunately, not all HPP members have a phone; therefore, limiting their access to Telehealth.


  • HPP can help qualified members access a phone service through Pennsylvania’s Lifeline program.


  • Lifeline is available for free to qualifying low-income households.
  • Your patient will qualify if they are receiving Medicaid coverage, including Medicare Dual Special Needs (Special plan) members.

We can help your HPP qualified patients access these state funded phones and increase your office visit compliance. Please have your office contact our Provider Service Helpline at 1-888-991-9023, and our members can call the number on the back of their ID cards.

For more information about billing for telehealth, check out our claim payment policy in our Policy Bulletin Library.