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Reportable Conditions - PA-NEDSS

As a reminder, all hospitals, laboratories, providers and public health staff are required by law to report certain conditions to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Department of Health (PA DOH).

This requirement is outlined in Chapter 27 (Communicable and Noncommunicable Diseases) of the Pennsylvania Code (28 Pa. Code § 27.1 et seq), and on its 2003 addendum (33 Pa.B. 2439, Electronic Disease Surveillance System), located on the official Pennsylvania Code website.

Providers must report the required diseases/conditions to the PA DOH through Pennsylvania’s version of the National Electronic Disease Surveillance System, known as PA-NEDSS. Please note that first-time users of PA-NEDSS must register on the website in order to use the reporting tool.

Note: If you are a public health staff member (as defined by PA DOH), you and your supervisor must complete the PA-NEDSS Authorization Request Form to obtain access to PA-NEDSS. Contact the PA-NEDSS Help Desk at 717-783-9171 or via email at for the appropriate version of this form.

If you have any questions please call Teresa McKeever, HPP's Director of Quality Management, at 215-991-4264.

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