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Clinical Resources

Pay-For-Performance (P4P) Program

Each year, Health Partners Plans develops Pay-for-Performance (P4P) incentives for our providers, based on specific initiatives that improve the health outcomes of our members. While ultimately benefiting our members, these incentives also offer an opportunity to increase revenue to your office.

Quality Care Plus

Quality Care Plus is a consolidated incentive program designed to reward positive performance by primary care practices in our network throughout the year.

Quality Care Plus Manual: Updated annually, the QCP Manual highlights what you need to know to understand and maximize your incentive payments. Participating providers can obtain a copy of the manual by contacting their Network Account Manager directly. 

Please visit our Quality Resources webpage to review the QCP manual.

If you are not a participating provider and wish to see the details of this program, please contact Health Partners Plans at 1-888-991-9023.

Maternity Quality Care Plus

The Maternity Quality Care Plus (MQCP) is a specialty incentive program designed to recognize and reward maternity care providers’ quality performance. First implemented in 2016, MQCP incentivizes the maternity measures in the Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) dataset and the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services’ (DHS) metrics regarding cesarean-section (C-section) rates and timely submission of all parts of the Obstetrical Needs Assessment Form (ONAF).

Licensed providers (nurse midwives, OB-GYNs, CRNPs, PCPs, etc.) must meet the following criteria in order to participate in the MQCP Program:

  • Accept new HPP members
  • Have a minimum of 15 deliveries during the annual reporting period.

Please visit our Quality Resources webpage to review the MQCP manual.

To learn more, please contact your Network Account Manager or call 1-888-991-9023.

Pregnancy Hot Topics and Resources

HPP has developed a Pregnancy Hot Topics and Resources guide that provides additional information and resources that may be helpful in supporting your patients, our members, in achieving a healthy pregnancy, delivery and postpartum care.

Pregnancy Hot Topics and Resources

ONAF Reimbursement Program

Please visit our Quality Resources webpage for the current ONAF reimbursement program.