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Baby Partners

Baby Partners provides support for your patients throughout pregnancy and postpartum. Our care coordination team is here to support your patient’s healthcare needs by coordinating their care.

Baby Partners services

  • Ongoing telephonic care management by a nurse or social worker
  • Home visits by a doula or nurse for high-risk members during pregnancy and postpartum
  • Coordination of well mom and baby visits
  • 24/7 breastfeeding helpline
  • Help with transportation services to medical and behavioral health appointments
  • Referrals to community resources for cribs, car seats and other help
  • Prenatal and postpartum home care visits, performed by an in-network home care agency. Prior authorization will not be required for the following home care visits:
  • High-risk prenatal home care visits
  • Postpartum well visits for mother and baby
  • Nutritionist home care visits during the prenatal period

This is effective for dates of service on or after June 1, 2016.Please be aware that Claims for services for these codes outside of the specified timeframes will be denied.

Note: The Z39.1-39.2 diagnosis codes should only be used for well visits. Prior authorization is still required for all medically necessary home care services that are not listed in our Maternity Home Care Code booklet. Please fax requests for these services using the Home Care Authorization form to 215-967-4491.

Provider incentive program

Submit ONAFs online

Submit ONAFs (Obstetrical Needs Assessment Forms) online at Reference this user guide for more information.

Remember, all three components of the ONAF are an incentive quality measure in the Maternity Quality Care Plus incentive program. Incentive payments are based on the percentage of your member panel for which a completed ONAF is submitted, which includes completion and submission of all three ONAF sections. For more information on submitting online ONAFs, refer to this user guide

Member incentive and more information 

Baby Partners has a rewards program that enables Health Partners Plans (HPP) members to receive up to $100 on a gift card that can be used on health and personal items at Rite Aid, Dollar General or Family Dollar. Members are eligible to receive $25 in rewards on their gift card for completion of each of the following visits:

  • Timely first prenatal visit (first trimester or within 42 days of becoming effective with HPP)
  • Dental visit
  • Postpartum visit (between 21-56 days post-delivery) 

Members that complete all three visits will receive a bonus reward of $25 on their gift card. 

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