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Provider Manual

The Health Partners Plans Provider Manual reflects current policies, procedures and applicable changes to Medical Assistance (Health Partners) and CHIP (KidzPartners) benefit packages.

The manual is posted by each section in PDF format and it can be printed in part or in its entirety. Note: Chapter 7 – Health Partners Essential Benefits Summary is intentionally omitted due to the Pennsylvania Medicaid Expansion decision.

How to search within the PDF documents

Here are a few suggestions to help you navigate the manual and simplify the process for locating specific information:

  • Refer to the Table of Contents page (page #3) of each section to find a detailed list of topics
  • Use the Search feature of your PDF browser three different ways:
    • type CTRL+F (hold the control key and click the “F” key) ,
    • Choose "Find” from the “Edit” or “File” drop-down menu, or
    • Click a magnifying glass or binoculars icon.

After your preferred method has been chosen, type the word(s) or phrase that you are seeking and then hit the Enter key.

Your feedback is important to us

If you have any recommendations for the manual or its online presentation, please share them by calling us at 215-991-4350 or 1-888-991-9023. You can also contact your Network Account Manager.

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