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Provider Manual

The 2018 edition of the HPP Provider Manual reflects current policies, procedures and applicable changes to our Medicaid (Health Partners), CHIP (KidzPartners), and Health Partners Medicare product lines, and is considered an extension of your participating provider agreement.

This latest version features updates to our benefits sections, a new chapter on coverage requirements for Limited English Proficiency (LEP) and nondiscrimination language, a stand-alone section dedicated to Member Rights & Responsibilities, details regarding our Healthier YOU program, contact information updates, and more.

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Provider Manual Updates Library

Per your contract, communications (e.g., billing guides, newsletters and bulletins) distributed via mail or posted via our HPP website may be considered an extension of the Provider Manual. In the event that we release a communication that includes language that supersedes language found in the Provider Manual, we will clarify this in the communication, identify the affected chapter(s) and page number(s), and post a PDF copy of the communication in our Provider Manual Updates Library.

Your feedback is important to us

If you have any recommendations for the manual or its online presentation, please share them by calling our Provider Helpline at 1-888-991-9023. You can also contact your Network Account Manager.