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Reminder—2019 HPP Benefits Available

As a reminder, our Health Partners (Medicaid), KidzPartners (CHIP) and Health Partners Medicare member benefits are available online. These documents list the benefits available to HPP members—as well as prior authorization, cost sharing and/or benef…

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HP Connect Provider Portal Enhancements

Starting on July 8, we will begin the rollout of important changes to our HP Connect provider portal. These changes will allow you to efficiently provide all appropriate clinical information to support your authorization requests. These changes are i…

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Hospital Readmissions: Peer-to-Peer Reviews

As a reminder, providers have the opportunity to request a peer-to-peer review to discuss the medical director’s determination related to a combined readmission. For help with initiating the peer-to-peer review process, please contact our Physician H…

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Medicare Diabetes Prevention Program (MDPP) Sites Expanded

Health Partners Plans is excited to announce that we've contracted with the YMCA of Delaware in Wilmington to offer our new Medicare Diabetes Prevention Program (MDPP) benefit. We wanted to be sure that you knew this site is now available to your pat…

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