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HP Connect (Member Portal)

HP Connect has been upgraded!

HPP is always trying to make it easy for you to get the health information you need when you need it. With that in mind, HPP has improved HP Connect. The new portal will be easier to navigate so you can find the information you need in just a few clicks.

Please note: Members with an existing account will need to re-register. We apologize for this inconvenience, but HPP is committed to providing the best experience possible for our members.

All KidzPartners members have access to HP Connect, our secure online portal with member resources and important plan information. HP Connect allows members and parents/guardians of members to conveniently and securely access plan information and benefit details 24/7.

With HP Connect, members can:

  • View claims information
  • View eligibility dates and benefits information
  • And more!

Register Now

Members age 18 and older can sign up for a personal account with HP Connect. Parents or guardians of members under the age of 18 should call Member Relations at 1-888-888-1211 (TTY 1-877-454-8477) to sign up for HP Connect. Member Relations is available 24/7.