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On 2/21/24, Jefferson Health Plans was alerted by Change Healthcare about a network outage that is disrupting Change Healthcare’s ability to deliver services. This impacts providers who use Change Healthcare to send member eligibility verifications, 837 files and paper-to-electronic claims scanning. In addition, it impacts InterQual service that we use to determine appropriate levels of care and may cause delays in determinations.

Updates to this outage can be found on Change Healthcare's status site here: Optum Solutions Status. Jefferson Health Plans will continue to provide updates as they are received.

Update: Some applications are experiencing connectivity issues.

Optum Solutions's Status Page Update: Some applications are experiencing connectivity issues.

If providers have issues or questions, please contact our Provider Services Helpline at 1-888-991-9023.

Jefferson Health Plans is proud to work with you and the thousands of PCPs, specialists, dentists and vision care and other providers who make up our network.

Below is a link to our ID Card document, which helps to identify the differences between our products. It is important to note the differences in Member IDs used across our products.

Medicaid: 9 characters long, starting with all numerical digits

CHIP: 10 characters long, starting with a “3” or a “9”

Medicare: 7 characters long, starting with a “5”

Individual & Family Plan: 12 characters long, starting with a “J”

2024 Member ID Cards

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