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Population Assessment

Meeting Our Members' Needs

Jefferson Health Plans’ Population Health Strategy focuses on whole person care through improvement in the health of the population, improvement in the patient experience of care (including quality and satisfaction), and concurrent reduction of cost, while also focusing on combating health care disparities to afford everyone opportunities to attain their optimal health. Jefferson Health Plans understands the importance of meeting the care needs of our population through programs and services offered to our members, and being current with changes in health care delivery, innovative payment design, member satisfaction, and quality. We combine multiple data sources to assist our population health management functions.

Jefferson Health Plans' values and mission are centered on health care equality and equity for all members regardless of gender, race/ethnicity, or language. Jefferson Health Plans is cognizant that certain groups may carry a higher risk factor(s) for certain medical condition(s) and strives to be culturally attuned to each groups’ unique needs. Studying and disseminating this information is important as we operationalize a culturally sensitive and targeted approach for interventions and support.

Our Population Assessment graphs show diversity of the communities we serve. They reflect enrollment data and categories/classifications provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services and Insurance Department. Click here to view our Population Assessment data.

We also invite you to take advantage of the cultural competency trainings that we offer, including our Provider Online Courses modules.