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Fraud & Abuse Training Information & Hotline

Health Partners Plans’ Special Investigations Unit (SIU)

Health Partners Plans prohibits all illegal and/or unethical conduct by members, employees, and providers. Our Special Investigations Unit (SIU) proactively addresses questionable activity and investigates referrals of illegal and unethical conduct. Investigative findings are forwarded to Health Partners Plans Legal Affairs department for appropriate legal action.

Examples of illegal and/or unethical conduct:

  • Members selling membership cards or ID numbers
  • Members selling medications obtained through the program
  • Members obtaining services or equipment not medically necessary for their conditions
  • Employees selling Health Partners Plans information
  • Employees accepting money or gifts in exchange for manipulating some part of Health Partners Plans’ system
  • Providers up-coding claims or submitting claims for services not provided
  • Providers providing false statement to obtain credentials (MediCheck)
  • Pharmacist paying provider kickbacks for referrals
  • Provider paying members incentive for patronage

If you suspect fraud or abuse

If you suspect illegal and/or unethical activity among our members, employees or providers, call the SIU Hotline at 1-866-HP-SIU-4U (1-866-477-4848). Each call is evaluated by an investigator. All calls are confidential and may be made anonymously.