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Tools and Resources

Help Your Medicaid and CHIP Patients Maintain Coverage

Action is Needed!

Effective April 1, 2023, continuous enrollment for Medical Assistance and CHIP will end. All Pennsylvania Medical Assistance and CHIP recipients will be required to complete an annual renewal to see if they are still eligible for coverage. Renewals will be based on the individual recipient’s eligibility date and will be completed over 12 months.

Health Partners Plans wants to ensure you are aware of the potential impact to your practice and to your patients if they do not submit their annual renewal application timely.

Practice Impact:

  1. Patient’s inability to pay for care.
  2. Reimbursement for services you provide to recipients who have lost their Medical Assistance coverage will end.

Patient Impact:

  1. Auto-enrollment will cease,and all recipients will be required to renew their Medical Assistance eligibility status. This includes Medicare beneficiaries who are also eligible for Medicaid.
  2. Loss of coverage will impact your patient’s ability to access care, medications, and testing.

What your office can do to prevent your patients from losing their medical coverage:

    1. Remind all your patients with Medical Assistance and CHIP coverage that they must renew their coverage starting in 2023 – once auto-enrollment ceases.
    2. To prevent a loss in coverage, HPP recommends that offices inform patients to:
      • Make sure their address is up to date with the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services. If their address has changed, recipients must contact their local County Assistance Office or update their information on the state’s website at
      • Look for their application to come in the mail
      • Return their application timely
      • Failure to complete this renewal application process may result in a loss of their coverage
    3. Access the resources below to post in your office and share with your patients.