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Member Rewards Programs

Health Partners Plans has two distinct member rewards programs: HPP Rewards (for Medicaid and CHIP members) and Wellness Rewards (for Medicare members).

HPP Rewards (Medicaid & CHIP)

The HPP Rewards program encourages Health Partners (Medicaid) and KidzPartners (CHIP) members to complete targeted condition management and preventive health activities.

Many of these health activities are tied to current measures included in our Provider Quality Care Plus (QCP) and Maternity Quality Care Plus (MQCP) programs. If you participate in these programs, you may see a positive impact on your scores as a result of members seeking needed services.

Overview of HPP Rewards

All Health Partners (Medicaid) and KidzPartners members are automatically enrolled in HPP Rewards and earn points for completing certain health activities. Members accrue points as they complete health activities throughout the year. In turn, members can use their reward points to shop for fun, healthy goods from the HPP Rewards catalog. Most of the activities require claims to be submitted in order for members to receive points.

We encourage providers to explain the benefits of annual checkups, preventative screenings and disease management activities, many of which can earn rewards points for members. Members can only get reward points for health activities completed in 2022. Members can visit to view the full list of eligible rewards, as well as redeem points for items in the HPP Rewards catalog.

Health Activities and Points Totals for 2022

Health Activity




Well-Adolescent Checkup
Complete an annual checkup (once per year)

Medicaid and CHIP

250 points per calendar year



Lead Screening
Complete capillary or venous lead blood test

Medicaid and CHIP

200 points, one-time reward

0-24 months


Diabetes Management*

  • Complete HbA1c test
  • Complete diabetic retinal exam
  • Complete annual PCP visit (once per year)

Medicaid only

200 points per calendar year for each activity



Hypertension Management*
Complete an annual PCP visit (once per year)

Medicaid only

200 points per calendar year




  • Complete prenatal care visit in the first trimester or within 42 days of enrollment
  • Complete postpartum care visit 7-84 days after delivery
  • *NEW FOR 2022* Complete a dental exam during pregnancy
  • Complete an outpatient well-baby visit within 30 days after birth

Medicaid and CHIP


  • 250 points – prenatal care visit, postpartum care visit and outpatient well-baby visit, once per calendar year for each activity
  • 200 points – dental visit, once per calendar year


  • All ages for prenatal care visit, postpartum care visit and dental visit
  • First month of life for outpatient well-baby visit


* Must have diabetes or hypertension diagnosis. A PCP visit for diabetes and hypertension on same date of service will receive reward points for only one PCP visit.

Note: There is no dollar value for reward points and points cannot be redeemed for cash.

Wellness Rewards (Medicare)

The Wellness Rewards Program incentivizes Medicare members to complete specific health-related activities in 2022 to earn money on a reloadable card. Please note that our Medicare rewards program is different from our Medicaid/CHIP rewards program.

Please refer to the below list for all eligible health activities. The medication adherence activities and the preventive health activities included in the program are tied to current measures included in our Quality Care Plus (QCP) program. Leveraging the rewards program and encouraging your patients to complete these activities can help you improve your performance on these QCP measures. Please refer to the 2022 Medicare Wellness Rewards Program Letter in Navinet for additional details and eligibility requirement on all rewards. If you have any questions about the Wellness Rewards Program, please contact your Network Account Manager (NAM).

Below are the 2022 Wellness Rewards Program activities. Members should call Member Relations to check their rewards eligibility status. All eligible activities must be completed between 1/1/2022-12/31/2022 and rewards must be redeemed by 12/31/2022. Rewards earned in 2022 will expire and cannot be redeemed after 12/31/2022. Members may be eligible for more than one activity but will only be rewarded once for each eligible activity completed.

2022 Activity

Wellness Visit
Health Assessment
Diabetes Eye Exam*
Diabetes Kidney Tests
Breast Cancer Screening*
Bone Mineral Density Test
Colon Cancer Screening*
Comprehensive Medication Review (CMR)
Medication Adherence for Cholesterol Medication*
Medication Adherence for Diabetes Medication*
Medication Adherence for Hypertension Medication*

*Reward/Activity with QCP Impact


If you have any questions about HPP Rewards or Wellness Rewards, please contact the Provider Services Helpline at 1-888-991-9023 (Monday–Friday, 9 a.m.–5:30 p.m.) or your NAM (Network Account Manager).