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Breast Pump Purchases and Rentals

HPP members are eligible to receive an electric breast pump after delivery and without prior authorization. Breast pumps can be ordered by any participating physician involved in the care of the mother and baby. Please note that the breast pump may be ordered prior to the expected date of delivery but will not be shipped to the member until after the baby is born.


Please visit our Find a Doctor web page for the most up-to-date list of DME providers who provide breast pumps. Once your office has selected a DME provider, simply fax the prescription to the DME vendor, being sure to include the member’s correct phone number and address. Note that you do not have to specify a medical indication on the prescription. The vendor will coordinate delivery with the member. The member will receive the pump within 48 hours, but not before giving birth.

Please note: If the baby is admitted to the NICU, a rented hospital-grade pump can be provided for the member. However, this rental will require prior authorization. To submit a prior authorization request, download the DME Authorization Request Form from our Authorization Forms web page and fax the completed form—along with appropriate supporting documentation—to 215-849-4749 (Medicaid) or 267-515–6636 (Medicare). After the baby is discharged, the mother can receive the purchased pump.

Our Baby Partners program offers 24/7 breastfeeding support from certified lactation counselors. If you have questions, or if a member would like to speak to a Baby Partners counselor, please call the Breastfeeding Support Line at 215-307-6791.

Download our Breast Pump Fact Sheet for at-a-glance information.