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Health Partners (Medicaid): Effective January 1, 2020, the Department of Human Services (DHS) is implementing a Preferred Drug List (PDL) for all Pennsylvania Medical Assistance members. Click here to access the statewide PDL.

2024 Formularies

  • Online formularies can be searched by drug name or category.
  • The formularies can be downloaded as a PDF.
  • Formularies are updated regularly.


Online Link

PDF Version


Health Partners Medicaid PDL and Supplemental Formulary Search Online Download Updated 12/20/2022  
KidzPartners (CHIP) Search Online

Download  Updated 1/8/2024


Individual and Family Plans

Search Online Download
Updated 4/1/2024
Change History


SNP Plans

Search Online Download
Updated 4/1/2024
Change History (Updated March 2024)


Pennsylvania and New Jersey:
HMO and PPO Plans
Search Online Download
Updated 4/1/2024
Change History (Updated March 2024)

Additional formulary information:

The Health Partners Plans Pharmacy and Therapeutics (P&T) Committee has reviewed and approved the Health Partners (Medicaid), KidzPartners (CHIP) and Health Partners Medicare formularies.

Printed Formularies

Call our Provider Services Helpline at 1-888-991-9023 to request a printed copy of our formularies.


Throughout the year, we may make changes to our formularies. Use the links below to see the most recent updates to formularies, prior authorization requirements, quantity limits, age edits, and more.

Health Partners (Medicaid):

Up to 100-day Prescription Supply

We offer 90-day prescriptions (100-day for Medicare members) for inexpensive, chronic medications for all members. We encourage 100-day prescriptions for our Medicare members who have chronic conditions. Our members usually can save time and money with extended day prescriptions, which can impact compliance with their medication regimen. Special pricing is available through network pharmacies and our mail order program. Note: Up to 100-day supplies are not available for specialty drugs.

Drug Recalls

A drug recall list can be found on the FDA's website. Any members affected will receive a  drug recall from HPP.

Suggestions or Questions?

Please call the Pharmacy department at 215-991-4300 with questions or feedback. If you have suggestions for additions to the formulary, please submit these requests in writing to the pharmacy department. Requests for additions to the formulary will be reviewed by the P&T Committee.

Health Partners Plans will continue to update its formularies regularly and communicate the changes to you in a timely manner.