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Provider Check Up: 2023 Issues

Winter Issue

Fall Issue

Winter Issue of Provider Newsletter Fall Issue of Provider Newsletter


  • Opioid Centers of Excellence
  • Required Training Reminder
  • HEDIS 2024 Chart Reviews
  • Congratulations to Our QCP High Performers!
  • Changes to Pediatric Shift Care Coding
  • Encourage Patients to Join a Diabetes Prevention Program
  • Information About Chronic Kidney Disease


  • Introducing Jefferson Health Plans
  • Contraceptives Including LARCs
  • Statin Therapy for Patients with Cardiovascular Disease
  • Well-Child Visit Guidelines and Clarification
  • EPSDT Periodicity Schedule Updates for 2023
  • Postpartum Care for New Parents
  • Addressing Gun Violence and Promoting Gun Safety

Summer Issue

Spring Issue

Summer Issue of Provider Newsletter Spring Issue of Provider Newsletter


  • New 2023 Medicaid and CHIP Member Rewards
  • Help Prevent Fraud!
  • Medicare Wellness Rewards Program
  • Provider Intake Survey Tool
  • Help Your Medicaid and CHIP Patients Maintain Coverage
  • Integrated Care Plan Program Health Topics
  • Follow-Up Care for Children Prescribed ADHD Medication
  • Suicide Risk Screening Tool
  • HIV Treatment and Prevention
  • Kidney Health Evaluation for Patients with Diabetes (KED)


  • Pharmacy Formulary Changes
  • Required Training Reminders and Recent Webinars
  • Billing and Coding Well-Child Visits
  • ONAF Reimbursement Program
  • Don’t Let Your Patients Risk a Loss in their Medicaid Coverage
  • Caries Risk Assessment
  • Keep Your Patients Safe by Encouraging Colorectal Cancer Screening
  • 2023 Medicaid Copay Update