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Getting Started

There are three basic positions to hold your baby while breastfeeding: cradle, football and side-lying hold.

Cradle: Hold your baby in front of you, facing your body, with his or her face right at your breast.

Football: Hold your baby by your side with his or her head at your breast. This position may be more comfortable if you had a C-section or if you’re experiencing cramping.

Side-Lying Hold: You and your baby lie face to face. Try cushioning your head with your arm so your baby can lie straight.

Getting Started

  • Relax your shoulders and bring your baby close to your breast. This will position him or her for feeding. Your baby’s body should be straight.
  • Encourage your baby to open his or her mouth and take your breast into his or her mouth.
  • Tickling your baby’s lower lip with your nipple will make his or her mouth open wide enough (as wide as a yawn).
  • Make sure your baby takes most of the dark area around the nipple into his or her mouth.
  • Use extra pillows to support yourself and your baby, if needed.