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Welcome to Healthier YOU!

Healthier YOU offers programs that help you take an active role in your health, with easy access to:

Information to Help You Stay Healthy
No Cost Home Pregnancy Test
Member Newsletters
Health Information on the web

Healthier YOU programs include:

  • Baby Partners for members who are pregnant or new moms
  • Fit Kids for children and teens who need help with weight management
  • Care management for members with chronic health problems such as asthma, diabetes and heart disease
  • EveryBODY Get Healthy for all Health Partners members. Get access to health and wellness self-management tools for healthy weight maintenance, healthy eating, help to get fit, and more.

Healthier YOU can also help you stay active and eat healthy with these special benefits for Health Partners members:

Weight Watchers® memberships
Healthier YOU Fitness memberships

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