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Health Partners Plans Teams Up with Fabric Health

Philadelphia, PA — Health Partners Plans (HPP) today announced a partnership with Fabric Health, an organization dedicated to educating low-income families about healthcare options while they’re at local laundromats. Effective June 30, 2022, HPP has partnered with Fabric Health to connect with members, survey them for basic social determinant of health needs, update contact information and link them with care management resources.

“Low-income families are often overwhelmed with insurance information without knowing how to engage in preventive health services,” explained Health Partners Plans President and CEO Denise Napier. “Through this partnership with Fabric Health, we hope to hear directly from our community about their needs so we can link local families with our care management resources.”

Fabric estimates that 41% of Fabric’s Philadelphia laundromat users are Medical Assistance (Medicaid) or Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) recipients and that 21% are Medicare recipients. Based on existing connections Fabric staff has established, Fabric estimates that 20% of laundromat users are HPP members.

“We are excited to partner with HPP to meet their members where they are when they are available. HPP is leading efforts to make healthcare resources truly convenient and accessible in Philadelphia. Together we’re showing that there is a better way,” said Fabric Health Co-Founder Allister Chang.

Through this partnership, Fabric Health will connect with HPP members in a personal way, assisting members who need to update contact information with the County Assistance Office, offering linkage to Department of Health resources and providing connections to HPP Member Relations and Care Management resources.


Health Partners Plans is a not-for-profit managed health care organization serving the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Headquartered in Philadelphia, HPP provides a broad range of health coverage options through Health Partners (Medicaid), KidzPartners (Children’s Health Insurance Program) and Health Partners Medicare. HPP has been building healthier lives and stronger communities since its founding more than 35 years ago.


Fabric Health is a public benefit corporation with a mission to engage busy families in the time they have at the laundromat. A woman and minority-owned small business, Fabric engages members digitally and in-person to help health partners understand members’ needs. Fabric strives to deepen trust and close care gaps in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Washington D.C.