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Subcontractor Fraud, Waste and Abuse Training Attestation Form

Thank you for completing the Health Partners Plans (HPP) Subcontractor Fraud, Waste and Abuse (FWA) training. To complete the training, the organization’s Compliance Officer or designated employee with similar or higher authority must attest to: 

  • Receiving, distributing and/or implementing HPP’s Subcontractor FWA training to your employees, specifically including:
    • Deficit Reduction Act (DRA)
    • False Claims Act
    • Whistleblower protections
    • Methods of detecting, preventing, reducing, investigating and reporting FWA
    • Criminal and civil monetary penalties for making false claims/statements
  • Ensuring your organization complies with Federal and State requirements and contractual agreements regarding FWA.

Attestation Signature

The individual attesting to this document must hold the position of Compliance Officer or have similar or higher authority and be delegated to attest on the organization’s behalf.

Please note: HPP will share our Special Investigations Unit (SIU) policies and procedures with our vendors/subcontractors and any contracted agents providing goods or services in relation to HPP’s Medicaid/CHIP lines of business.