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COVID-19 Update: Authorization Process Changes – Update to Prior Communication

Health Partners Plans (HPP) is always looking for ways to partner with you to support the care of our members. 

We are providing updates since our last communication dated June 1, 2021.

The below applies to all lines of business managed by HPP and will remain in effect until February 1, 2022.

  • Post-discharge of a member to an in-patient skilled nursing facility will not require authorization for the first five days if the transfer is to an HPP participating facility. HPP requires notification within 48 hours of admission. We will require clinical information on day five for medical necessity review. HPP will coordinate with the post-acute facility to obtain review and authorization for medically appropriate days within the covered benefit. Services will be subject to retrospective review for medical necessity.

HPP will continue to keep you informed of additional changes, including those required by our regulators, in the coming days and weeks.

For more information, visit This page will be continually updated as new information is released by regulators, CDC or HPP. We strongly encourage you to check this site routinely for the most current information regarding our members, plan and employees.