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Provider News

2019 Wellness Rewards Program available for Health Partners (Medicaid) and KidzPartners members

As a reminder, in 2018 HPP introduced a member incentive program called HPP Rewards for our Health Partners (Medicaid) members. We are excited to announce that we will now extend this popular incentive program to our KidzPartners (CHIP) members.

Between July 15 and December 31, 2019, all Medicaid and CHIP members will receive reward points for completing specific health activities such as child and adolescent wellness visits, hypertension management, lead screenings and more.

Members can exchange their earned points for rewards such as personal care items, newborn supplies, household goods and fun gifts for infants and children.

To redeem their points, members log onto the HPP Rewards portal or call HPP Rewards at 1-855-827-2862. Please refer to the enclosed list for all eligible health activities and additional details on the rewards program.

Please note that many of the HPP Rewards health activities are included in our Quality Care Plus (QCP) program measures. Therefore, if your patients participate in HPP Rewards, you may see a positive impact on your scores. We encourage you to discuss these important screenings with your Health Partners and KidzPartners members.