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Revalidation of Enrollment Information

In accordance with the Affordable Care Act, the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services (DHS) is required to revalidate all providers at least every five years. As a result, DHS is requesting that all providers who enrolledon or before March 25, 2011 submit their enrollment applications to DHS as soon as possible.

Due to the high volume of applications that DHS is anticipating, providers are asked to submit their revalidation application now to ensure their application is processed before the deadline. This will help prevent any interruption in participation with DHS or  our partnered managed care plans. 

Note: To meet the March 24, 2016 deadline, providers need to revalidate their enrollment information by completing a new enrollment application for every service location.

The following links on the DHS website provide helpful information:

DHS encourages providers who believe they may have already revalidated to check the MA Enrolled Provider Portal Lookup Function to determine their revalidation date.

Providers should contact their DHS Program Office with questions or concerns.

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