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Provider Check Up: 2020 Issues

Spring Issue

Fall Issue

Spring Issue of Provider Newsletter Fall Issue of Provider Newsletter


  • PartnerUp with Your Provider Relations Team
  • A Note from HPP’s Regional Vice President, Network Management
  • Implementation of the 2019 InterQual Criteria
  • Collaboration Works for You and Your Patients
  • Importance of Post Hospital Follow Up
  • Quality Management Online Resources
  • Quality Management Provider Referral Line
  • The Importance of Sexual Health Screenings
  • STDs and STIs in the Medicare Population
  • Required Training Reminders
  • Quarterly Orientation and Training
  • Upcoming Webinar Schedule


  • Why the Flu Vaccine is More Important than Ever
  • How to Help Patients Know When to Stop Medications
  • Upcoming Webinars and Trainings
  • Reminding Your Patients About Dental Benefits
  • Providing Preventative Care for Children at a Sick Visit
  • Your Involvement in Your Patient’s Behavioral and Mental Health
  • How Focusing on the Health Outcomes Survey Can Improve Your Practice
  • Provider Access and Availability Appointment Standard and Identifying Deficiencies