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Our member rights and responsibilities

As you know, our Health Partners Plans members are guaranteed certain rights and responsibilities. Exercising these rights does not negatively affect the way they are treated by Health Partners Plans, its participating providers, or other State agencies. They have the right to make healthcare decisions without feeling as though Health Partners Plans is restraining, isolating, bullying, punishing or retaliating against them.

The specific rights of our Medicare and Medicaid members are accessible online and are also included in section 12 (Appendix) of our Provider Manual.

These member rights include, but are not limited to:

  • The right to receive information about Health Partners Plans, the benefits provided to them by Health Partners Plans, and its practitioners and providers;
  • The right to be treated fairly and to have their right to respect, dignity and privacy protected;
  • The right to talk openly with their doctor about all treatments that may be right for their health problem, whether or not Health Partners Plans covers them, and without regard to cost;
  • The right to receive information on available treatment options and alternatives. Their treatment options should be presented in a way that is clear to them.  They also have the right to refuse treatment options from their doctor;
  • The right to expect that information they provide to Health Partners Plans, their medical records and anything they discuss with their doctor will be treated confidentially, and will not be released to others without their permission.

For a complete list of member rights, visit the Health Partners Plans Provider Manual online