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December Issue

September Issue

 December 2015 Issue September 2015 Issue 
  • It's time to revalidate!
  • Pennsylvania Access Card information
  • Healthier YOU coordination programs
  • Our members' rights and responsibilities
  • National Coverage Determination for screening for lung cancer with low dose computed tomography
  • Rejection of prescription claims submitted without a valid prescriber NPI
  • Formulary updates
  • Upcoming Diabetes Symposium
  • New Maternity Quality Care Plus incentive program
  • Medical and Claim Payment Library now available
  • False Claims Act/Self-auditing & reporting
  • 2015 Formulary information
  • Childhood and adolescent immunizations
  • Quality Management provider referral line
  • Pediatric lead screening
  • HPP offers another resource for our breastfeeding moms
  • Formulary Updates


July Issue

May Issue

 July 2015 Issue May 2015 Issue 
  • Celebrating 50 years of Medicaid and Medicare; 30 years of Health Partners Plans
  • Navinet for Health Partners Plans providers now available
  • Healthier YOU disease management
  • Management of hypertension and high cholesterol
  • Smoking cessation resources available online
  • Clinical criteria availability
  • Ensuring quality care for low English proficiency patients
  • 90-day supply for Health Partners Medicare members
  • Suboxone billing reminder
  • Formulary updates
  • New partner for chemotherapy services
  • Helping patients take agency over personal health
  • Optum CarePlus partnership addresses care gaps
  • Baby Partners incentive program keeps mothers engaged in consistent care
  • Accordant partnership supports patients with rare conditions
  • Keep Patient Protected Health Information on a "need to know" basis
  • Health Partners Plans now only accepting CMS 1500 (02-12) form
  • Managing Body Mass Index (BMI) helps keeps serious conditions at bay
  • Formulary changes
  • Serving a multi-cultural patient population
  • Health Partners Plans pediatric providers with aged out members
  • Capturing revenue for cervical cancer screenings
  • Health Partners Plans still a favorite among providers!


April Issue

January Issue

 April 2015 Issue January 2015 Issue 
  •  University of Pennsylvania Health System joins provider network
  • PROMISe ID requirement extended to October 1, 2015
  • CPT2 Code Reimbursement
  • Take Charge - ask for the card!
  • Child and adolescent health measures
  • Provider access & availability standards
  • Required online training for all D-SNP providers
  • Care gap reports help PCPs manage patient needs
  • Dual Special Needs Plan (D-SNP) balance billing
  • No financial incentive for service denial
  • Understanding PT, OT, and speech therapy benefits
  • Your choice for the best provider reimbursements
  • Health Partners Essential: our Healthy PA PCO
  • Clinical care guidelines pertains to all providers
  • Join the Million Hearts initiative
  • Quality management resources online
  • Having complete medical records
  • Treating individuals with disabilities
  • Special needs sensitivity
  • Enhanced clinical editing processes
  • EPSDT is critical to patient care
  • Low English proficiency
  • Appropriate utilization of diagnostic imaging for low back pain diagnosis
  • High-risk medications and older adults







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