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Quit Smoking for Good

The facts about smoking

  • Smoking causes health problems like high blood pressure, asthma, heart and lung diseases, and diabetes complications.
  • If you have a pack-a-day habit, you’ll spend over $2,000 by the end of the year!
  • Second-hand smoke is harmful, especially for children. It puts them at a higher risk of asthma, ear infections and other problems.
  • Smoking lessens your ability to taste and smell.
  • Smoking causes wrinkles.

Effects of smoking during pregnancy

If you smoke while pregnant your unborn baby has a higher risk of being born too small or too early. Because of the baby’s fragile condition it’s at risk for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). You can learn more by watching our quit smoking video below. Our Baby Partners Program can give you the help you need to quit, call us at 1-866-500-4571 (TTY 711).

How to get help to stop smoking

Talk to your doctor about quitting. Your doctor can give you a prescription for stop smoking aids.  Health Partners can also provide you with additional services like counseling to help you quit.

Statistics show that you are 2 to 3 times more likely to quit with the help of doctor prescribed medications or support from a counselor.

Prescription aids to help you quit

Health Partners and KidzPartners provide pharmacy coverage to help you quit smoking. The chart below shows what is covered by Health Partners Plans with a prescription from your doctor.

Pharmacy coverage

Quit Smoking Product Covered Prior Authorization Needed?
Gum Yes No
Inhaler Yes No
Lozenges Yes No
Nasal Spray Yes No
Patch Yes No
Budeprion (generic for Wellbutrin) Yes No
Buproban (generic for Zyban) Yes No
Buproprion (generic for Wellbutrin and Zyban combination) Yes No
Chantix (brand for Varenicline) Yes No
Wellbutrin (brand only) Non-Formulary Yes
Zyban (brand only) Non-Formulary Yes

Please note: We do not cover brand name smoking products, however we cover the generic version of the medication. You may only use the brand name product if your doctor gets approval from us.

Counseling to quit smoking

Our certified quit-smoking counselors can help you kick your habit. Through one-on-one telephone outreach we will give you the information, encouragement and support you need to quit. Sign up for this benefit by enrolling in our Healthier YOU Program at 1-866-500-4571 (TTY 711).

More help from Health Partners Plans

We encourage you to sign up for our fitness benefit; regular exercise regular exercise can help reduce anxiety and avoid weight gain while you're quitting.

You can learm more about plan coverage to quit smoking in the Member Handbook.

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