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Third-Party Liability (TPL)

As a Medicaid member, you may also have Medicare or other health insurance. This other insurance is known as Third Party Liability (TPL) and is considered your primary insurance. Having other insurance does not affect your Medical Assistance eligibility. In most cases, your Medicare or other insurance will pay your PCP or other health care providers before Health Partners pays. Health Partners can only be billed for the amount that your Medicare or other health insurance does not pay.

If you have Medicare or other health insurance, you must tell your local county assistance office and also call Health Partners at 1-800-553-0784 (TTY 1-877-454-8477). When you go to a provider or to a pharmacy, you must tell the provider or pharmacy about all forms of medical insurance you have and show the provider or pharmacy your Medicare card or other insurance care, ACCESS or EBT card, and your Health Partners ID card. This helps make sure your health care bills are paid timely and correctly.