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Health Partners

Complaints and Grievances

Your voice counts!

  • Do you have ideas and views about health care that you want to share?
  • Would you like a chance to work with Health Partners Plans staff and medical professionals?

Health Partners Plans needs volunteers to serve on the Complaints and Grievances Committee.

Please join us and you can have a voice in the process!

When a member files a complaint or grievance, sometimes there is a hearing to decide what will happen.  At the hearing, the member’s complaint or grievance is explained to the committee. The committee consists of:

  • Health Partners Plans employees
  • People who work in the medical field such as doctors, nurses and dentists
  • Health Partners Plans members

Each committee member votes on how they think the complaint or grievance should be resolved.

Your opinion is valuable and will help us as we make important decisions about our members’ care.

You will receive a cash reimbursement for transportation, lunch and childcare.

For more information

Are you interested in serving as a member representative on the Complaints and Grievances Committee?

  • Call us at 215-991-4418