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Using the Plan

Care Management for Health Partners Members

HPP has a team of dedicated care managers who can help you achieve your health goals. With this support system, you can get on the right path to managing your health care needs.

Complaints & Grievances Committee

Health Partners Plans is looking for volunteers to serve on the Complaints and Grievances Committee.

Drug & Alcohol Treatment and Mental Health Services

More information on behavioral health services.

Policy Bulletins

Review the documents we use to make coverage decisions.

Fraud, Waste and Abuse Information

Anyone who becomes aware of a compliance, privacy, or fraud incident, whether it has occurred or is about to occur, should report it to Health Partners Plans. There are a number of ways to report suspected fraud, waste or abuse.

Member Handbook

The Health Partners Member Handbook has all the information you need about your membership.

Phone Surveys

HPP calls members from time to time to check whether they received healthcare services that have been billed to HPP.

Prior Authorization Guidelines

Some services or items need approval from Health Partners before you can get the service. This is called prior authorization. For services that need prior authorization, Health Partners decides whether a requested service is medically necessary before you get the service. You or your provider must make a request to Health Partners for approval before you get the service.

Self-Management Tools

Our self-management tools created to keep you informed on a variety of important health topics.

Services that Require a Copayment

Learn more about which health care services require a copay.

Third-Party Liability

Third party liability refers to the responsibility of another insurance provider to pay part or all your services before the claim is sent to Health Partners.