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Tools and Resources

Prescription Drug Information

Find out what drugs are covered by your plan, how to locate a pharmacy and learn more about your prescription drug benefits.  

Healthier YOU

Take an active role in leading a healthier lifestyle with health and wellness information for children and adults, plus programs such as Weight Watchers and fitness club memberships to help you stay active.

Healthier YOU also offers programs to:

  • Help you throughout pregnancy
  • Find out how to manage chronic diseases
  • Learn self-management skills to improve your health

Health Partners Plans Rewards

Members have access to a health and wellness rewards program, called HPP Rewards! The program includes a rewards portal that allows you to:

  • Learn about rewards you may be eligible to earn
  • Track your reward activities
  • Spend your reward points on healthy items
  • Received personalized health alerts
  • Access our symptom navigator and comprehensive health library

Wellness Assessment

Take our health questionnaire online or by phone to get your personalized health report at no cost to you. With your health report at your fingertips, you can take control of your health. It shows you:

  • A summary of your overall health status
  • Your risk for conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and stroke
  • Simple advice on how to lower your risks for these and other health conditions

WebMD Personal Health Record

Health Partners members are encouraged to visit WebMD where you can create a personal health record that enables you to securely create, store, manage and share your own and your family's health information.

Community Food Guide

Find out about local resources that can help you get nutritious food at no or low cost, including free meal programs, food pantries, food coupons, SNAP and more.