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Health Partners

Tools and Resources

Welcome to Health Partners!

Learn more about the great benefits you have with Health Partners, as well as more information about your new health plan!

Prescription Drug Information

Find out what drugs are covered by your plan, how to locate a pharmacy and learn more about your prescription drug benefits.

Prior Authorizations

It's important to understand that some services, medicines, or items need to be approval by Health Partners before they can be provided to you. This process is called prior authorization.

HP Connect (Member Portal)

Visit HP Connect, the Health Partners (Medicaid) member portal, to order an ID card, change your doctor, visit the HPP Rewards center, view benefits information and access self-management tools for healthy weight maintenance, healthy eating, help getting fit and more.

Health & Wellness

We encourage you to explore these resources and interactive tools to help you stay fit and healthy.

Baby Partners

Are you pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant? The Baby Partners maternity program helps soon-to-be moms from prenatal to post-delivery care.

Be Smoke Free

Quitting smoking can be a challenge, but help is available. Learn more about the tobacco-free resources are available.

Children's Health

Resources and other information to help keep your child happy and healthy.

Community Food Guide

Find out about local resources that can help you get nutritious food at no or low cost, including free meal programs, food pantries, food coupons, SNAP and more. 

Self-Management Tools

We encourage all Health Partners members to learn how to take control of their health. Our self-management tools can help you eat healthier, increase your physical activity and more!

WebMD Personal Health Record

Health Partners members are encouraged to visit WebMD where you can create a personal health record that enables you to securely create, store, manage and share your own and your family's health information.