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Health Partners

Health Partners Talk 2019

Fall 2019

Health Partners Talk Fall 2019

  • 3 Important Women’s Health Screenings
  • Achieve Your Health Goals with Health Partners
  • How to Transition to Adult Care
  • Understand Your Pharmacy Benefits
  • Your Rights and Responsibilities
  • Protecting Sexual Health

Summer 2019

Health Partners Talk Summer 2019

  • Vaccines are Safe
  • Dental Sealants Explained
  • When Should I Use Teladoc?
  • Stephanie’s Road to Quitting Smoking
  • Help is Available If You’re Struggling with Addiction

Spring 2019

Health Partners Talk Spring 2019

  • Come and Meet Us at the Community Wellness Center!
  • How Is Your Child Developing?
  • Health and Wellness Workshops Are Now Online
  • 5 Tips to Help You Prevent Diabetes 5
  • Do You Know These Doctor Appointment Standards?

Winter 2019

Health Partners Talk Winter 2019

  • Talk with Your Teens about Sexual Health
  • Be Heart Healthy This February
  • How Opioid Addiction Affects Everyone
  • Get the Right Care for Your Child
  • Are You Trading Your Privacy for Convenience?