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Tools and Resources

Maternity Care Forms

The Obstetrical Needs Assessment Form (ONAF) is a standard perinatal assessment form that is accepted for all Medicaid recipients, including those participating in HealthChoices plans, the ACCESS Plus program, and the Fee for Service delivery system.

To participate in Health Partners Plans’ OB Provider P4P incentive program, you must use the ONAF to document appropriate obstetric care (prenatal, antenatal and postpartum). Please complete the ONAF online at  within seven days of the initial prenatal visit, post delivery, and upon completion of the postpartum visit.

For more information

If need assistance or have questions about the ONAF, contact our Provider Helpline at 215-991-4350 or 1-888-991-9023. For more information about online ONAFs, reference the ONAF user guide.