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Three children of different ethnic backgrounds smiling at the camera



KidzPartners Members Handbook: Getting Started

The Getting Started section of your KidzPartners member handbook has information about:

  • Health Partners Plans and KidzPartners Basics
  • Our Pledge to Give You the Medical Care You Need
  • Our Quality Management Program
  • Healthier YOU Programs
  • Definition of Managed Care
  • Membership ID Card
  • Using KidzPartners Participating Providers for Your Children’s Healthcare Needs
  • Choosing a Provider
  • The Benefit of Having a PCP
  • Changing Your PCP
  • Continuity of Care
  • 24-Hour Access to Your PCP
  • 24-hour Phone or Video Access to Doctors Through Teladoc
  • Appointment Standards
  • Making an Appointment with Your Children’s PCP
  • Help If You Speak a Language Other than English
  • Help in Alternative Formats
  • Help If You Need an Interpreter or TTY Services

 Download Getting Started