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Three children of different ethnic backgrounds smiling at the camera



Using the Plan

Care Management for KidzPartners Members

KidzPartners has staff and programs to help your child achieve their health goals and get them on the right path to managing their health care needs.

Copays for Care

An easy-to-read chart to find out about copays for low-cost and full-cost KidzPartners coverage.

Fitness & Exercise

Extra benefits we offer to help keep kids fit, including gym memberships.

Member Handbook

Your best reference when you have questions about KidzPartners covered benefits, services, member rights and responsibilities, how to contact us and more.

Prior Authorization Guidelines

Some services or items need approval from HPP before you can get the service. This is called prior authorization. For services that need prior authorization, HPP decides whether a requested service is medically necessary before you get the service. You or your provider must make a request for approval before you get the service.

Self-Management Tools

Our self-management tools created to keep you informed on a variety of important health topics.