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Programs and Services

Baby Partners

Are you pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant? The Baby Partners maternity program helps soon-to-be moms from prenatal to post-delivery care.

Be Smoke Free

Quitting smoking can be a challenge, but help is available. Learn more about the tobacco-free resources are available.

Care Management for KidzPartners Members

KidzPartners has staff and programs to help your child achieve their health goals and get them on the right path to managing their health care needs.

Child Quality Report Card

Health Partners Plans cares about providing our members with the best care available. Every year, HPP reviews medical records so we can understand the care our members are receiving.

Prior Authorization Guidelines

Some services or items need approval from HPP before you can get the service. This is called prior authorization. For services that need prior authorization, HPP decides whether a requested service is medically necessary before you get the service. You or your provider must make a request for approval before you get the service.