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KidzPartners Premiums & Payment Policies

What will coverage cost for my children?

After you apply, we will send you a letter with our eligibility determination. If your children are eligible for low-cost or full-cost coverage, your letter will include the monthly premium costs for your covered children.

Our monthly premiums are:






$36 - $58



These rates are effective for coverage beginning July 2020. CHIP premiums can only be changed with the approval of the Pennsylvania Insurance Department.

When is my premium payment due?

Premiums are billed and due in advance of the month being covered. To help make paying premiums convenient, you can pay by check or money order, or make a recurring credit card or debit payment.

What happens if I don’t pay the premiums on time?

If your children are enrolled in low-cost or full-cost coverage, and you do not pay the premiums by the due date, coverage will stop. Coverage will end automatically on the last day of the month that coverage has been paid for.