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KidzPartners Eligibility Guidelines

KidzPartners is the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) plan offered by Health Partners Plans (HPP). Children must meet the following requirements to be eligible for KidzPartners:

  • Pennsylvania resident
  • U.S. citizen, U.S. national or qualified alien
  • Under age 19
  • Currently uninsured and not eligible for Medical Assistance

If your children are eligible for KidzPartners, your family’s income will determine whether your child may be enrolled on a free, low-cost or full-cost basis. All members receive the same benefits and comprehensive, quality coverage regardless of income.

  • There are no premiums or copays in the free KidzPartners program.
  • If your child is enrolled for low-cost or full-cost coverage, you will be required to pay monthly premiums and copays for some benefits and services.

Coverage and Eligibility

KidzPartners coverage is effective for 12 calendar months, so you must reapply for KidzPartners every year.

If your family’s circumstances change, such as a change in your family’s income, you can reapply for KidzPartners coverage for a different premium category by:

  • Online at
  • Upload photos of verification documents on the free myCOMPASS PA mobile app
  • Call the DHS Customer Service Center at 1-877-395-8930 or 1-215-560-7226 in Philadelphia to report such changes.

If you have questions about eligibility, call the DHS Customer Service Center at 1-877-395-8930 or 1-215-560-7226 in Philadelphia.