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Find a Doctor, Hospital or Lab

Use our online directory to find in-network doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, labs and specialty services.

There are multiple ways you can use the Online Directory to search for a provider:

  • Enter the provider's name in the search box.
  • Enter your member ID number to find providers covered by your plan. Or select your plan using the “Plan name” box to ensure you are only viewing providers covered by your plan.
  • Use the Zip Code box to search for providers near you. Select the desired search distance or by specific county.
  • Search by selecting the type of specialty from the listed categories.

Search Tips

  • On the results page, you can narrow down your results by choosing more search items from the left-hand panel.
  • On the results page, click on the name of provider to view additional information.
  • You can sort your search results by distance or by alphabetical order. Select from the drop-down menu of the "Sort By" option found on the upper right corner of the results page.
  • Click the "Start New Search" button to start a new search.
  • Click the "Search Tool" button to review the icons on each search result item.
  • If you need help, click on "Contact Support" at the upper right corner of the page.

Directory Updates

The online directory is updated frequently and includes information provided by the doctor, hospital or pharmacy.

For the most current information about in-network providers, please call Member Relations at 1-888-888-1211 (TTY 1-877-454-847). We are available 24/7.

Need a specialist?

If you want to see a specialist, please see your PCP to get a referral first (except for routine dental, vision or OB/GYN care). 

Does your child need urgent care?

Can’t see your child's doctor soon enough and they need care now? For non-emergency medical problems, you have options. Learn more about how to get your child the care they need now.

Preferred Lab Services

Outpatient laboratory services are provided through Jefferson Health Plans’ sole national preferred commercial laboratory, Quest Diagnostics, and also hospital locations contracted for laboratory services. Locations of participating laboratories can be found via our online directory.


When you need help for non-emergency medical conditions, you have options for getting care through telehealth.