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Provider News

Reminder—2019 HPP Benefits Available

As a reminder, our Health Partners (Medicaid), KidzPartners (CHIP) and Health Partners Medicare member benefits are available online. These documents list the benefits available to HPP members—as well as prior authorization, cost sharing and/or benefit limit requirements associated with their benefits.

Click the following links to review the 2019 Summary of Benefits for each product line:

Note: These benefits are posted in PDF format and can be downloaded and printed for easy reference.


Prior authorization is always required for out-of-network services, except emergency/urgent care, maternity care, family planning services and renal dialysis services. Pregnant members already receiving care from an out-of-Network practitioner at the time of enrollment may continue to receive services from that specialist throughout the pregnancy and postpartum period related to the delivery.


Providers are prohibited from billing our dual eligible members for any Medicare cost-sharing for Part A & B covered services. Additionally, providers should bill any Medicare cost-sharing to the member’s assigned Community HealthChoices (CHC) plan.