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Insulin Glargine Formulary Change (Basaglar to replace Lantus)

Health Partners Plans is committed to supporting efforts to improve the health of our diabetic members through various treatment regimens, including the efficient management of diabetic medications. To help maintain high quality care while reducing health care expenditures to a sustainable level, we are implementing a change to Health Partners (Medicaid) and KidzPartners (CHIP) formularies regarding insulin glargine.

  • Effective March 25, 2019, Lantus® will be excluded from our formularies for all new starts and will be replaced by Basaglar®, our new preferred product.
  • Effective June 3, 2019, all HPP members currently on Lantus will need to be switched to Basaglar.

Providers and members currently affected by this change have been informed via a mailed letter.

Be aware that pharmacies are unable to make this switch at the point-of-sale, so a new prescription will be needed. Also note: When switching members from Lantus to Basaglar, the dosage will be the same (1:1 conversion).

For the most up-to-date information regarding HPP formularies, please visit our online formulary.

For more information, call HPP’s Pharmacy department at 215-991-4300 or our Provider Services Helpline at 1-888-991-9023 (Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.).