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Provider News

Annual D-SNP Model of Care Training – Required

Providers with at least one Health Partners Medicare Special (HMO SNP) member assigned to your panel should receive a letter explaining that one staff member involved in the care of special needs plan members must complete our annual D-SNP Model of Care training. This training is required by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

Find the training online at Completing the course should take approximately 10 minutes. Please complete this course within 30 days of receiving your notification in the mail.

Collaborative Care Team
You play a crucial role on the care team serving our D-SNP members. Our collaborative care team approach supports you in taking on the unique and complex challenges presented by these members. All care team members take this brief but effective training on our special needs model of care program. Our goal is to ensure that every care team member understands how the program works and the role that he or she plays.

New this year: When you enter your tax ID in the attestation at the end of the training, a drop-down will display all associated sites. Be sure to check off each site that you are attesting for before submitting your training attestation.

If you have questions, please contact or call Lisa Mallory, senior provider education specialist, at 215-991-4339. Thank you for supporting our mission to continually improve the health outcomes of our members.