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Provider News

2019 Quality Care Plus Program

Our Quality Care Plus (QCP) program is designed to recognize and reward your practice’s performance in delivering quality services throughout the year.

Each year, we assess the program to ensure a positive impact on both our members and our provider network. We enhanced our 2019 QCP program by creating additional opportunities for practices to earn rewards for members under KidzPartners, our Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) product line. This is to ensure that HPP is working toward improving the quality of care and health outcomes for all members.

Providers who participate in our QCP program will receive a QCP manual, which includes details on our 2019 program, including benchmarks, payouts and helpful tips to maximize your incentive payments. You can also find a copy on our NaviNet provider portal.

Your Network Account Manager (NAM) will work closely with you to ensure that your office understands all 2019 changes and to answer any questions. Thank you for continuing to provide exceptional service to our members.