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Provider News

Maximum Authorization Periods Extended for Ancillary Services and DME Purchases & Rentals

We are happy to announce that, effective immediately, Health Partners Plans (HPP) will be extending the length of the maximum authorization period — when deemed medically necessary — for select ancillary services and DME purchases and rentals.

In order to receive approval for the maximum authorization period, ancillary and DME providers should refer to the guidelines listed below and provide supporting clinical justification with their request.

Note: Requests for the maximum authorization period should be submitted via our HP Connect provider portal at

Ancillary Service

Maximum Authorization Period

Home Care (SN, PT, OT, ST, HHA, and MSW)

Up to 1 month

Home infusion

Up to 12 months*

Shift Care

Up to 6 months

Medical Care Day

Up to 6 months

*The authorization period for home infusion is dependent on the specific drug and the physician order.

Durable Medical Equipment (DME)

Maximum Authorization Period


Up to 12 months

Rent to Purchase DME such as C-PAP, wheelchair, hospital beds, etc.

Up to 10 months


Up to 12 months

Supplies such as diapers, enteral feedings, and care related to wounds, ostomies, tracheostomies, G-tubes

Up to 12 months

If you have questions, please contact Ancillary Services by calling 1-215-967-4690 or 1-866-500-4571 and selecting prompt #2 (for providers) and then prompt #3 (for the Ancillary Services Unit).