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Suboxone Billing Reminder

As a reminder, Health Partners Plans members are not to be billed for services related to Suboxone treatment.

As you know, the Suboxone treatment plan consists of a urinalysis, regular visits to the physician’s office for follow up and support and a referral for behavioral health counseling.

Suboxone treatment and all of its elements are paid under the Evaluation & Management code deemed appropriate by the rendering physician. It is considered a service that is included in the office visit and is considered payment in full for the treatment.

All urinalysis must be conducted through Quest, the HPP capitated laboratory. If you decide to conduct a urinalysis in your office, you will not be compensated for this service by HPP and you may not bill the member.

For more information regarding Suboxone, please contact our Provider Help Line at 1-888-991-9023 or contact your Network Account Manager (NAM) directly.

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