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Maternity Quality Care Plus Incentive Program

Health Partners Plans (HPP) is excited to announce that we will be implementing a new maternity care incentive program, Maternity Quality Care Plus, on April 1, 2016.

This new program, based on our successful Primary Care Physician Quality Care Plus program, is intended to align HPP and provider goals as well as implement effective and appropriate incentives in order to improve the health outcomes of our maternity and neonatal members.

At its core, Maternity Quality Care Plus will rank and reward maternity care practices based on the quality of care our pregnant members receive. Bonus checks will be distributed monthly beginning in April 2016. The specific details of the program are delineated in the Maternity Quality Care Plus Manual:

Maternity QCP Manual

Note: Caesarian section (C-Section) rates will be included in future financial incentive calculations.

We have developed a Maternity Care Specific Quality Care Plus report card for each TIN level. This will allow each TIN to see their progress at six month intervals. This new report card ties together quality information, such as HEDIS rates, that will help you understand your performance on quality measurements and how this aligns with your incentive compensation.

Why have we created a new incentive program for maternity care?

As you know, appropriately timed prenatal care—including the assessment and treatment of risk factors, patient education, and counseling regarding appropriate behaviors during pregnancy—can significantly improve maternal and neonatal outcomes. There is a better likelihood of earlier detection and treatment of maternal and fetal risk, prevention of neonatal morbidity, and improved outcomes for both the mom and baby when pregnant expecting mothers are seen at the appropriate intervals.

Based on current healthcare industry statistics regarding prenatal care, there is significant room for improvement.

HPP believes that improvements grounded in evidence-based prenatal care that reflect a combination of maternity best practices, easily accessible resources and incentives will improve the health outcomes of our members, while also significantly reducing costs.

You are encouraged to contact Health Partners Plans at 1-888-991-9023 or contact your Network Account Manager (NAM) with any questions you have around this change.

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