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Focused on keeping women healthy

Yearly mammogram reminder

Women are now surviving breast cancer at a much higher rate, thanks to increased awareness and yearly mammograms. In general, all women age 50 and older should begin having the test every two years. Remind your patients to do regular breast self-examinations (BSE) beginning at age 20 and to report any breast changes to their health professional right away. Health Partners Plans members are covered for a yearly mammogram with a prescription and can call member services to find the nearest mammogram provider. Please encourage your patients to schedule this life saving exam.

Pap tests save lives

Beginning at age 21, women should receive a Pap test to detect abnormal changes in the cervical cells that may lead to cervical cancer. Women ages 21-64 should have this test at least every 1 – 3 years. At age 30, the HPV test should be added at least every 5 years. At age 65, women should ask their health professional if the test is still needed. Pap tests are covered by Health Partners Plans and no referral is needed.

Chlamydia screening

The sexually transmitted disease Chlamydia usually has very mild symptoms or none at all. If left untreated, it can harm women’s reproductive organs and make it difficult for them to get pregnant. Encourage your patients under 25 to talk to you about their sexual activity to determine if testing is needed. Chlamydia screening is covered by Health Partners Plans and no referral is needed.