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Oral Health Updates: Who is Authorized to Apply Fluoride Varnish?

As you know, it is important for our members to receive fluoride varnish treatment to help strengthen tooth enamel and prevent cavities. Children at moderate or high risk should receive fluoride varnish at least once every six months.

Health Partners Plans reimburses primary care physicians for fluoride varnish applied in their offices for children under age 5 — up to four times per year — as long as the participating PCP is certified to perform this service.

More about certification

The fluoride varnish certification is a FREE one-hour online course from the American Academy of Pediatrics that provides training on fluoride varnish application. This certification process can be completed by visiting Smiles for Life. When you complete the certification, please send a copy of your certificate to credentialing assistant Marjorie Tymes via email or fax to 215-967-9233.

Who can provide fluoride varnish?

The PCP who is billing for this service is required to be certified. However, nurses and other clinical staff can also apply fluoride varnish in the doctor’s office, if the PCP has provided them with training and the fluoride varnish applications are performed under the supervision of the certified PCP.

Submitting a claim

Once a patient has received an application of fluoride varnish, submit your claim using the following billing code:

Billing Code



Topical Application of Fluoride Varnish

Routine dental services for our pediatric members are an essential part of preventive care.  Please continue to provide this vital service and make dental referrals for members who are in need of additional dental care.