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June Issue

April Issue

PIF_July 2017_Cover PIF_July 2017_Cover


  • Specialist Referral Requirement—HP Connect Provider Portal
  • Special Needs Unit for All Ages
  • Services for Members with Limited English Proficiency (LEP)
  • Substance Use Disorder and Pregnancy
  • Changes to Medicare Opioid Guidelines Coming in 2019
  • Recent Formulary Updates
  • Summer Provider Education & Training Opportunities
  • The Health Outcomes Survey (HOS) and Your Practice
  • HPP Wellness Partners Events Offer Fun Ways to Stay Healthy
  • Diabetes Programs in Prevention and Management
  • Reminder: Provider Data Collection Form Submissions
  • Authorization Requirements for Birth Events


  • Top 5 Tips for Boosting Member Satisfaction Scores
  • Diabetes Prevention Program for Medicaid Members
  • Notification of an Identified Access and Availability Deficiency
  • Recent Formulary Updates
  • Spring Provider Education & Training Opportunities
  • Healthy First Birthday Smile Program (Care Coordination Incentive)
  • SCOUTStrong Boy Scouts Troop Sponsored by Health Partners Plans
  • Policy Bulletin Library Updates
  • Medicare Specialist Referrals Reminder
  • Baby Partners and the Maternity Care Coalition
  • Top 5 Questions about New Medicare Cards
  • New HPP Rewards Program for Members
  • Preventive Care Guidelines Updates
  • DHS Enrollment Requirement: PROMISe ID at the Service Location Level

 February Issue

 PIF_July 2017_Cover  
  • February is National Children’s Dental Health Month
  • DHS Retrospective Reviews
  • PDPH Advisory (Zika Testing)  
  • Recent Formulary Updates 
  • 2018 Provider Educations & Training Opportunities
  • Clinical and Preventive Care Guidelines
  • Non-Discrimination Policy
  • PA Access Cards
  • Maintaining Updated Credentialing Information
  • Care Management Services for Your Youngest Patients
  • (CPA) and CPT II Code Incentives





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