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Top 5 Tips for Boosting Member Satisfaction Scores

Starting in March, patients in your practice will receive the CAHPS survey—the Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems survey used to evaluate patient satisfaction. "Getting care quickly" is an important part of the survey, and an overall indicator of your patients' satisfaction with your practice.

Consider these tips to help patients get care quickly:

  1. Rely on your front office: We know your time is limited and you're busying seeing patients. Rely on your front office staff for help. Having a staff member reach out to patients and establish a connection when there is a longer wait than normal can alleviate stress and anxiety for patients. Reaching out to patients before an appointment and understanding their needs can also help triage patient appointments.
  2. Offer other ways to access care: Offer alternate options for your patients to access care during off hours and provide education around urgent care (for fevers or sore throats) versus visiting the ER (severe chest pain, labor or heavy bleeding). Gauge how patients feel over the phone. Patients might not need to come into the office for care after all — leaving more time for the sickest patients.
  3. Plan ahead: Encourage patients to schedule their follow-up appointment before they leave the office.
  4. Know the standards: Review appointment scheduling protocols and access to care standards for PCPs and specialists. Consider having front office staff educate patients on these standards to help set expectations. Members are encouraged to contact HPP Member Relations when providers do not meet these standards.
  5. Utilize appointment reminders: Call, email or text patients 48 hours before their appointment. This helps reduce "no shows" and allows providers more time for patients who need more urgent care.

For more information, call the Provider Services Helpline at 1-888-991-9023.