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Health Partners Foundation

Making A Difference Awards

Each year, the Health Partners Foundation invites Health Partners Plans employees to nominate under-recognized individuals and organizations who exemplify the Foundation’s mission to transform communities.

On Thursday, October 26, 2017, the Foundation presented two winners with the Health Partners Foundation Community Transformation Award and two winners with the Health Partners Plans Making a Difference Award. Additionally, one deserving young person received the Health Partners Foundation Partners in Excellence Award.

Here are the 2017 honorees:

Health Partners Foundation Community Transformation Award

Winner Athletes Care Group

Program Hope is an organization that serves individuals and families alike with disabilities and provides assistance to low income homes and those suffering from abuse. Program Hope offers a safe space where groups can partake in aquatic therapy, workshops, art lessons, and more. We applaud Program Hope for their dedicated work in and around our communities.

Winner Pypm Group

Breakthrough of Greater Philadelphia provides low-income students in Philadelphia public schools with an acadenic enrichment program that builds a strong, successful path from middle school through college. Breakthrough also inspires the same students to become more engaged in their own communities by teaching and giving back. 

Health Partners Plans Making a Difference Award

Anton Moore Staci Bill

Sarah Ashley Andrews, the Founder & CEO of Dare 2 Hope received the Making A Difference award for her strides in minimizing suicide in youth throughout the Philadelphia region. Dare 2 Hope supports young adults between the ages of 10-24 by offering suicide awareness and prevention programs, mental health education and even apparel! 

Winner Sue Weldon Group

The nonprofit organization, Ray of Hope Project's President and Co-founder, Raymond Gant received a Making a Difference award for outstanding community engagement. The Ray of Hope Project brings hope to those who cannot afford home repairs and rehabilitative job skill training. For years, Raymond Gant has demonstrated that together, people can make a difference! 

Health Partners Foundation Partners in Excellence Award


Our 2017 selection for the Partners in Excellence award was promising high school junior, Kyah McCall. She was selected for her positive character and community-based extra curricular activities all while maintaining an amazing GPA! 

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